A 2 day trip to Desaru – Malaysia


This was supposed to be one of those breeze in- breeze out trips where we wont remember much of it years later – but we were mistaken, pleasantly so. We decided to take a weekend trip to Desaru, Malaysia. Its around 2 hour drive from Singapore. It’s for people like us who forget to book months in advance for a long weekend.

So we rented a car from Johor Bahru, since Singapore car plates are easy targets for robbery and such. The trip to Desaru was uneventful, the husband enjoyed driving and I enjoyed the scenery whilst controlling his speed limit.
The resort was beautiful and the rooms were some of the best we had seen. But we are not the ones to sit at one place and relax even if it’s next to a beach. We tried out the Korean food close to the resort which was run by a Korean family. It wasn’t the usual Korean fare available in Singapore and it tested our taste buds quite a bit.
The next day we toured the surroundings in our rented car and generally had fun. We saw the fireflies tour which was a tad disappointing in terms of the no. of fireflies but as a whole it was a wonderful experience. The cool night, the village on the river and the boat sailing through the river on an almost quite night was memorable.

The next day we spent some time swimming in the sea, reading books  and then left for Singapore. But before that we wanted to visit the Ostrich farm which was supposed to be very close from the resort.




It started raining heavily and somehow both the left side tyres of our car got punctured. The husband managed to change one tyre but we had to call the guy from the car rental to fix the other. It took 2 hours for him to reach Desaru from Johor Bahru. Nonetheless, no harm done (except in terms of money).
After spending 2 hours on the roadside photographing road kills, we were almost thinking of going back to Singapore since it was getting dark. But we decided to visit the Ostrich Farm anyway, which turned out to be the best in Desaru. All-in-all its not a bad place if you don’t have the time or the money to fly somewhere far.
Ostrich Eggs are very strong

Ostrich Eggs are very strong

Huge Ostrich Egg...an Omelet can feed an entire family.

Huge Ostrich Egg…an Omelet can feed an entire family.



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