Sunda Kelapa Jakarta

Sunda Kelapa: Jakarta: A rustic port

Sunda Kelapa Jakarta

We were at Old Town when I recalled reading about a place called ‘Sunda Kelapa’ close by where one could watch the traditional boats loading and unloading cargo. After asking for directions, we set out for the harbor. The path didn’t feel very safe to me as there were truck driver stops along the way and it was almost time for sunset. But having my 6.2′ tall husband with me made me feel safe haha. After a 15 min walk and 5,000 Indonesian rupiah at the entrance, we were in.

Sunda Kelapa Jakarta
Sunda Kelapa is not a very touristy place. It’s a small harbor with a lot of boats loading/ unloading their daily cargo. It was interesting because we had never seen such a place before (I’ve been to JNPT in Mumbai but it’s a very huge port and not to be compared to this one). Here the boats were small and so close that we could see inside them.
It got some beautiful pictures if I may say so myself.

Sunda Kelapa Jakarta - cargo
There were people offering to give us a ride to don’t know where. Since we don’t speak Indonesian and they didn’t speak English we couldn’t figure out where they would drop us. We would have taken the risk if it wasn’t nearing sunset.We saw a few college kids taking pictures but no other tourists around.
Sunda Kelapa Jakarta
Sunda Kelapa might be slightly on the off beaten track but it’s a place worth a visit. And its very close to Old Town which is supposedly one of the top tourist places in Jakarta (more on that next time).

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