Split-Second Story :The Haze

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haze in Singapore
haze1That smoke, fog thing you see in the back is haze in Singapore due to the neighbouring Indonesian island of Sumatra’s forest clearing fires. The fires were used to clear plantations. Visibility was very poor, we could smell smoke all the time and had to wear masks before going out. It lasted for more than a week and the air pollution index went to a record high. 0–50 is supposed to be good, but it went up to 401 last year. It affected the whole of Singapore, parts of Indonesia and Malaysia.

There was a lot of blame game, specifically people pressuring Indonesia to control the fires. But there were also a lot of people who blamed Singapore partially since some of the plantations were owned by Singaporean companies.

The haze is supposed to return this year during the dry season. Let’s hope it doesn’t affect anyone adversely.

This post is for the Split-Second Story challenge…



5 thoughts on “Split-Second Story :The Haze

  1. Duke Stewart says:

    Ah man, too bad it’s going on in Singapore as well. In Korea, it’s mostly blamed on China’s carbon emissions and pollutants even though the former is not totally innocent on the pollution front. Hopefully these emerging economies can tackle the issue before it’s too late. Thanks for sharing.


    • Getaway Journal says:

      oh didn’t know Korea was bad as well. We’ve been to Beijing last year and remember it being very hazy. But this haze is different though, you feel like there’s a fire burning right next to you. It smells very strongly of smoke. Thanks for stopping by.


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