Liebster Award!!!

Liebster AwardWe have been nominated twice for this after a month of blogging. We put up our first couple of posts in January but somehow we couldn’t follow through. We just revived this blog in April and so glad that we have now come to know many awesome blogs and people.

It’s a very good way to know about new bloggers and encourage them because no matter how much we love blogging, it does take up a lot of time. Being appreciated is nice. So thank you – 2ticketstowonderland and myrainbowtravel.

Sharing the rules here

  • Thank the blogger, who nominated you
  • Answer the eleven questions they ask you
  • Nominate eleven bloggers with less than 500 followers
  • Ask those eleven bloggers new eleven questions
  • Let those bloggers know, they have been nominated, so they can continue the chain

Since we have 2 nominations, we have 2 sets of 11 questions. We’ve decided to mix the questions and answer a few from each. Hope you don’t mind.

Why have you decided to start writing a travel blog?
We wanted to document our travels, it’s fun to go back and read, and it’s much better than just looking at pictures.

What’s your first travel memory ?

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass : Credit indiantourist-spots

Trupti: My first travel memory would be going to Himachal Pradesh in India with family. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve been to in my whole entire life. Someday I’ll go there again.
Mohit: Mine would probably be when I went trekking with my friends in Dalhousie (which co-incidently is in Himachal Pradesh as well). We slept on the train and trekked through the whole night.

How do you get your free time for travel?
We take time out. After a few months of working the corporate game, we need a recharge. So we travel. It could be to one of the neighbouring countries for 2 days, but is still refreshing.

What is your dream destination, that you haven’t been to and would love to see?
omg so many. Kashmir, leh, Rajasthan (all in India), South Africa, South America. Sorry just too many to narrow down.

How many different countries have you visited?
We’ve only been to Asian countries for now. We’re slowly going to travel our way around the world. We’ve been to Srilanka, Bangladesh, Jordan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong (we’ll count it seperate for now), Qatar and Singapore where we live now. I won’t count India since that is our home country.

Are you ever homesick? You miss friends, family or home food?
Well, we live in Singapore, so that’s away from our families who live in India, Spain and US. So we’re perpetually homesick. But we have each other, so that is fine for now 🙂 We do get homesick, espcially during festivals.

What’s your best wildlife experience ?

Trupti: I was once travelling with family through the jungles near Ooty and it was pitch black. I was sitting on the front seat next to the driver and suddenly the driver had to stop because he saw something crossing the road in front of our car. The animal stopped next to our car, right below my window. It was a baby leopard. I will never forget that moment. It was beautiful. Since then I’ve been wanting to go to the forests in India to explore more. Someday.

What’s your next travel destination ?
We really want to go to Vietnam since it’s close to Singapore. It’s on our immediate travel list.

Have you ever tried any “weird” food whilst traveling (fried grasshoppers etc.)?

Night market in China
We saw a lot of weird food in a Beijing night market. But we didn’t dare try it. We did eat a lot of stuff that was supposed ot be pork but you’ll never know. It’s China after all.

Really enjoyed answering these questions. Our questions next.
1. If you could go travel to a place now, where would it be?
2. How many countries have you lived in? (not traveled)
3. How many foreign languages do you know?
4. Your most scary experience while traveling?
5. Have you ever traveled with people whose traveling style was not compatible with yours?
6. Who is your ideal traveling partner?
7. Which has been the most difficult place to travel to?
8. Do you backpack or luxury travel or both?
9. What’s your blog name means?
10.How do you take time out for blogging?
11. What do you most enjoy about being a blogger?

How to nominate 11 bloggers when we honestly don’t know who is new? Also, most bloggers don’t display their no of subscribers, so how? We’re going to nick the list off the 2 bloggers who nominated us. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

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