Haji Ali mosque – Mumbai

Sometimes it’s nice to be a tourist in your own city. Technically it’s my husbands city but I’ve been there enough times to think site-seeing there would be ridiculous. But during these past few visits, we have been trying to go to various places, some already been to but forgotten. Haji Ali Dargah is one such place.

Haji Ali Dargah or Mosque is an early 19th century mosque situated on the Arabian Sea. It’s one of the most recognisable landmarks of Mumbai. People of all faiths pray there. In-spite of being crowded there is a certain serenity to the place, and being surrounded by the ocean gives it a different charm.

We planned to reach around 6pm so that we could see it in daylight and also enjoy the sunset on the ocean. I’ll leave you with pictures since it’s difficult to describe in words.

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Killing time at the Mumbai Airport…

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Although this was our third time traveling via the new Mumbai International Airport Terminal, we never got the chance to really explore it. Blame it on the Mumbai traffic but we almost always reached with enough time to reach the boarding area 45 mins before.

New Mumbai TerminalNew Mumbai TerminalNew Mumbai TerminalYou probably have no interest in seeing how the new Mumbai Terminal looks like but if you travel enough then you also know how important airports can be when you have hours to kill before boarding a flight.

The new Terminal is huge with high ceilings and spacious sections. It’s gleaming and spotless. The best thing though is the design. It embodies a lot of Indian culture, traditions and art. It’s not design for design sake. Everything has a meaning. The no. and variety of shops are limited, especially no bookstores. That was a bummer. But we were told that bookstores would be opening in the future. There is a lot of space to lounge around or lay down for a few minutes if you want to. And considering we reached 4 hours before anticipating heavy traffic dues to rains, it was god sent.

New Mumbai Terminal New Mumbai Terminal New Mumbai TerminalIt’s not the best airport in the world and it does have scope for a lot of improvements, but if you’ve seen the old airport this one is definitely 10 times better.



Indian Village

A day in an Indian Village…

Indian Village

Today I would love to show you my father’s village. He grew up and studied in a village up to 10th grade and then moved to the city (Pune) to study his diploma in Engineering. Since then he’s made Pune his home. Occasionally we go to visit his village for a day since it’s very close to Pune and it’s always fun. It’s slow, relaxing and a great getaway, not to mention getting to meet the rest of the family members.

Indian Village

Last time we went it was the beginning of summer. Because of the open spaces and the vegetation you feel the summer heat more. you can see it in the dried up lake and the browning vegetation.

Whenever we visit, we take pictures with the cows and the hens and the tractor like tourists who have never seen a village before. We also look at plants laden with tomatoes and take pictures with it. We’re crazy like that.

We saw huge full grown onions. They were planted when the onion prices in India were over the roof, but now that the prices are down, don’t know how much profit it could fetch. We also saw chilli plants. There are some chillies grown in our village which are actually sweet. You can eat them raw without burning your tongue. We posed on tractors and ate sugarcane. As always my dad peeled and broke the sugarcane for us to eat since we are delicate city people.

All pictures taken by Nokia Lumia 1520.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

In India, there are only 3 seasons – summer, winter and rainy. These pictures were taken a couple of months back when I went for a visit to my father’s village.

These are pictures of onion flowers or shoots or whatever they are called.



This Photograph is a response to the weekly Challenge by The Daily Post. Photo taken from Nokia Lumia 1520